hi I'm sarah

owner & face behind the camera of sphotographyco. I have had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember, photography has become the perfect form of expression.

I'm an army wife & married to the sweetest guy around who totally gets me. he pushes me out of my comfort zone & has made me more confident in myself. together we love to go off roading in our jeep & explore new areas in this beautiful place we call home. we're both native nevadans & absolutely love it here, the change in scenery can be found by just picking a direction & driving from the desert to the mountains.

I am also a momma to the most outgoing five year old who is totally my mini me, she is my inspiration to capture every special moment to relive way after it is over & brings out my creative side even more.

I thrive off other peoples energy & using that to be creative & artistic is a dream!

I want to make you feel comfortable or energize during your session that's what I find so special in capturing raw emotions. I love that by looking at an image it can take you back to a feeling or memory & I feel blessed to be able to give that to you.

I look forward to capturing you!